Equipment Recovery Services

Pursuant to the Personal Property & Securities Act RSO 1990 (PPSA) and Repair & Storage Lien Act RSO 1990 (RSLA). Bailiffs appointed by the Ministry of Government Services Consumer Protection Branch are the legal authority to repossess equipment of any kind when the creditor has registered the appropriate lien.

Equipment as varied as office computers and furnishings to industrial and heavy machinery can be the subject of a PPSA or RSLA lien. Weather the contract is a conditional sale agreement or lease agreement, when default in payments as occurred, the lien holder, or in the case of a lease, the owner, may wish to recover / repossess the equipment against which the lien is registered.

Napier Bailiffs Ltd. has the experience, the people and the network for effective equipment recovery throughout our service area. Our bailiffs are dispatched promptly into the field where our policy is to balance discretion and sensitivity to the debtor’s circumstances with the prime objective – RECOVERY of the creditor’s collateral.

Our knowledgeable administrative staff strives to further the high standards of professionalism established since 1963; by tailoring our services to maximize cost effectiveness and representing you, the creditor’s, best interest. We provide prompt reporting & updates to our clients.

Recovery alone is not enough – we are extremely proud of our successful rate of redemptions.

Our administrative staff will immediately, following the repossession, endeavour to negotiate with the debtor and working with the creditor effect a recovery of arrears and/or loan payout (depending on the creditor’s instructions) as well as bailiff costs to make the situation a win/win for both parties.

Unfortunately not every file will redeem, in those instances we will prepare and serve all required notices and liquidate the equipment for Fair Market Value as quickly as possible. Or deliver the collateral to the liquidator of your choice.

Whatever the outcome, you can be assured of professional, prompt and courteous service.